Essay4Me.org Review

Essay4Me.org Review

Typically, every student knows the value of time of their school life. It is always full of fun, colorful memories and exciting moments. It is clear enough that students want to devote their time to those things that are really interesting and important to them. However, there is such an essential aspect of school life as the academic progress, so almost every student who is keen on having a good time should maintain their academic achievements at a high level. Whenever possible, such an approach should be exercised without sleepless nights and much strain. These days, you can find a wide range of essay writing sites on the Web, these can help students keep their head above water in writing the most frequent academic assignments. Essay4Me.org is a custom writing service, often rumored at different schools, which means that it is quite reliable in fact. Let’s take a look at this service, its features, and whether it is worth paying attention to.

Quality of Services

Essay4Me.org made a point of delivering a nice variety of academic assignments to its customers. Yet, the list of all the services along with the features that you can take into account is hard to find – it is buried in the sections “Prices” and “Order.” Well, it can take you by surprise at first, yet it’s not a big deal at all. The spectrum of writings and services is really broad – you can order more than 25 types of assignments. Moreover, the service’s team assures that it can handle ten paper research writing in three hours! Yet, this including in particular is questionable – what impact can this tempo have on the quality of the paper? To understand what makes Essay4Me.org stand out from the crowd of write-my-paper services, we decided to order a five-page history essay for high school with 3-hour urgency. So, what was the result? To be honest, the received paper pleasantly surprised us. We can not say that writing was perfect, but its quality was above the average. We had the feeling that it was written by a person who has not only basic knowledge of history but also knows where to find interesting facts and how to use them to improve the essay and fill it with up-to-date materials. However, there was something that left us confused. Few references in the finished work raised our doubts, but they are deep laid unless you study history in depth. In fact, we didn’t make use of the provided revision service, and perhaps this decision resulted in some misprints and minor mistakes we have found. Nevertheless, with a bit of attention, any student can remain satisfied with the work delivered by Essay4Me.org.

How it works

The necessary steps of using academic writing services are simple: fill out the order form, wait for the specified amount of time, and get your assignment. So, when you open the order form, you have the opportunity to clarify all the details and peculiarities of your order ranging from the subject and topic to the language and number of sources you would like your essay writer to use. This form is very convenient, as it contains not only basic information about your work but also its various important aspects, which means that your writing will be prepared with the utmost attention. The point is that the order form can be hard to look at because of the comment marks. Also, you can complement it with the additional requirements and some instructions, if any. After that, you should check the correctness of the information and pay for your order. Essay4Me.org uses several payment methods, and you can choose the most convenient and reliable one. And that’s it – you just wait until your paper is delivered.

Essay4Me.org Review


As we have seen, the writer’s approach to the preparation of papers at Essay4Me.org is responsible and thoughtful. However, it hasn’t always been possible for them to avoid mistakes. An interesting feature of this service is that if you have used it before, and you liked the work done by a particular writer, you can take note of his ID so that this particular writer would provide you with so much needed essay help later on.


There is a section “Prices” on the Essay4Me.org where you can find an informative table to calculate the total cost of the paper you want to order. The online calculator helps adjust how the education level, volume, and urgency of your work would affect the end-price. In fact, we find this feature very convenient. We wouldn’t call such prices low, but they can be quite acceptable for the majority of students. The cost for work was in line with other companies that gave us an estimate: $ 237.14. Of course, with the 3 hours urgency, this price is understandable. However, it is still above average, especially if we take into account the mistakes that we found in the finished assignment. Essay4Me.org kindly provides students with attractive discounts and one free revision within 2 weeks. The last feature is a go-to option for anybody who wants their assignments shine.

Customer Support

We would like to add a few more words about Customer Support. Even though their order form is full of comments, you might need some help to get an essay. To be confident that it works as expected, we asked their support to help us. Our agent was very nice and attentive and answered all our questions (however a bit slower than we had expected). Support Service on Essay4Me.org is organized around support agents assigned to each customer, with the answers being typically given within 3 to 5 minutes.


In a nutshell, Essay4Me.org, although it is not the best custom writing service, can become such, if some aspects are improved. For example, it might be worthwhile to review the paper preparation process and the ability of the writers to cope with large volumes in a short time. Nevertheless, this service is rather convenient, and in the majority of cases, you will be satisfied with the results.

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